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In case you where wondering; yes, I'm named after Mrs. Khan. And just like her, I want to be on top of my game. That's why I give my all when it comes to designing pixels and paper. So if you want to lift your project to the next stage, big or small venues, give me a call.



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Software knowledge
Adobe Creative Suite CC, Sketch, Invision.

Working methods
Validated learning, scrum, customer journey mapping, mobile first design.



Nike, Dept Agency, Anomaly Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam, ABN AMRO, de Bijenkorf, Willem de Kooning Academy, CCCP, HEMA, Bavaria, Keune Haircosmetics, Vivat, Yellowtail, Mitsubishi, Kumpany, UPC Nederland, Studio Renate Boere, Ntjam Rosie.


Experience visual designer + art-director

March - May 2018       View project

Dept Agency: Caru Containers

Me and Tobias van Veen (in-house creative director) developed a visual design & concept for the new respronsive website of Caru Containers. This included a webshop and external portal environment. This website has been established within a multi-disciplinairy scrum team and will be released in june 2018.

June 2017 - May 2018 (on & off)       View project


Nike asked me to join the Digital Design department to design e-mails for a wide variety of the Nike brand. Along with that, I've designed several landing pages and online campaigns.

February - May 2017

Anomaly Amsterdam

While working at advertising agency Anomaly Amsterdam as a visual designer, I've worked with several in-house creative teams. We've developed several pitches for MaxFactor, IKEA, Diesel and campaigns for T-Mobile.

November 2016 - January 2017

Yellowtail: Vivat

I've joined the Yellowtail scrum team as a visual design lead to develop a all new mortgage flow for Vivat. Over this period of time I collaborated with a fellow UX-designer to create a gamified flow that allows the user to apply for a mortgage within 24 hours.

June - August 2016       View project

Gemeente Amsterdam

I've joined the in-house UX-design department of the Gemeente Amsterdam as a visual design lead to develop online visual guidelines, since these wheren't available at the time. These guidelines have been applied to both the open website and the closed 'My Amsterdam' environment.

May - June 2016

De Bijenkorf

While working at the De Bijenkorf, I've designed mulitple e-commerce campaign visuals. I was part of the in-house digital design department which applied the Scrum method.

June 2015 – April 2016       View project

Abn Amro

At Abn Amro, I've worked as a sr. visual designer on a wide variety of projects. I've created campaign visuals for the e-commerce environment (web), being the lead visual designer on the new iDeal payment flow (web), collaborating on the Wallet payment app for Android and art-directing the new online component library (allong with Maaike Molenkamp, head of visual design). All the projects have been user-tested and learnings have been applied to the designs.

August 2012 – October 2014

CCCP Amsterdam: Graphic designer, art-director

While working fulltime at CCCP, I've worked as a visual designer and art director on digital and print campaigns while supervising a design intern (HBO). I've worked on the following assignments: Amnesty International: 'Ik schaam me diep' campaign, HEMA 'Zorgverzekering' and 'Superpas' campaigns, several projects and a brand book for Keune Haircosmetics. And there's more where that came from: on- and offline campaigns for Bavaria, Mitsubishi, and UPC. I was responsible briefing and checking the work that had been outsourced to external developers, DTP/studio and press professionals.

April - June 2012       View project

Willem de Kooning Academy & Piet Zwart Institute

The Willem de Kooning Academy asked me and two fellow alumni to design The Krooning graduation catalog for 2011/2012. It presents the graduate students of the 19 courses offered at the Willem de Kooning Academy and Piet Zwart Institute. I've co-designed this catalog with Giselle Segura Gelink and José Stolk.

January – March 2012       View project

Studio Renate Boere

While working at Studio Renate Boere as a freelance graphic designer, I've worked on multiple print/digital assigments such as; 'Mutter-Zoon-Daughter-Petite Fille', a book filled with journal drawings made by Henri Jacobs and the campaing material for cultural festival 'de Haarlemse Lente'.

September 2011 – February 2012

Graduation exposition Willem de Kooning Academy

Along with two fellow design students, I was asked to design the graduation exposition of 2012. I was responsible for the design and coordination.

July 2009

Graduation exposition Willem de Kooning Academy

Along with two fellow design students, I was asked to design the graduation exposition of 2009. I was responsible for the design and coordination.



September 2007 - January 2012

Willem de Kooning Academy, HBO, Graphic Design

Internship: Studio Renate Boere and Machine Amsterdam.
Minor: Editorial Design. The subject of my paper was ‘Racism in Design’. The results of this study have been incorporated into my final project ‘The Day Nelson Mandela Dies’. Throughout my study I was asked to participated in multiple projects.

September 2003 - July 2007

MBO, Graphic Design, Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

Internship: Bureau Aafje Nijman & van Haaster.

September 1999 - July 2003

MAVO, College de Heemlanden


A round of applause

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Chayenne at Anomaly Amsterdam over several months and I would highly recommend her. Her talent attitude and professional approach is a delight. Chayenne is persistent and never gives up. She follows through an all assignments small as well as large. There is no doubt that she feels at home in an international environment and regardless of whether you business language is Dutch or English she will excel and can be trusted execute on an international level. Her strengths are classic design, but she in conceptually savvy as well and have a keen understanding of how to solve problems creatively. She works extremely well solo as well as an extension of a classic creative team.’

Lars Mars Jorgensen, Former Executive Creative Director at Anomaly

‘First of all, Chayenne is a very good and creative designer. You can easilly ask her to work on any type of design job. She is transparent when it comes to communication and clear about what you can expect from her and what timelines. She’s a very nice and pleasant colleague with a great sense of humor.’

Jennie Huijboom, Head of UX design at Abn Amro

‘Having worked with Chayenne at CCCP, its hard not to notice her creativity, incredible speed and optimism. Aside from getting the job done, she also get’s what you truly need to surprise your clients. Pleasure to work with, she’s a keeper!’

Jona Rotting, Former design director at CCCP


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